Our services

Twin Cities Care is a professional Elder Care Referral Agency (ECRA). In simple terms, we help families find senior housing for their loved ones when it’s no longer safe for them to live independently at home because of age or disability.

As is typical for ECRA agencies, our fees are paid by care providers so all our services are 100% FREE to seniors and their families.

What types of placements can we help with?

We specialize in all types of Long Term Care communities: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing (Nursing Homes), Residential Care Homes and Care Suites, and we can also assist with Independent Living, Home Care, and Hospice, as well as additional resources such as financial or legal planning and moving services.

We excel in crisis situations and can find a suitable senior home in less than a week!

How do we differ from our competitors?

We are the only local, independent senior housing referral agency in the Twin Cities. Here is what it means to you as a customer:

1) We are not a call center and we do not outsource our customer service. When you call us, you get connected directly to one of our Care Managers who has comprehensive knowledge about every single senior community in your area, including current rates and availability, and will provide immediate solutions and support.

2) Our Care Managers don’t just hand you a list of places to check out so they can move on to the next caller in line – they can meet you in person, coordinate with your clinical team, attend your care conferences, take you on tours, and provide unlimited ongoing support. There is simply no comparison when it comes to the individualized attention and the quality of service we provide.

3) We are not bound by national or franchise agreements so we can refer our clients to any and all care providers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Freedom from these “exclusive” or “preferred” network agreements means we can focus on what’s best for our clients, not corporate partnerships.