Our History

Jonathan Rosenberg, Twin Cities Care Hello, I am Jonathan Rosenberg, owner and the original founder of the company. When I started Twin Cities Care, I never imagined that my one-man business would grow to become the number one local eldercare referral agency in the Twin Cities. Today, we are widely regarded as the best source of information on senior housing within the local medical and senior care community, and I am excited to share with you how we got there!

When I first started, eldercare referral agencies in the Twin Cities had a bad reputation, and for good reason. Their main business was internet marketing, pumping out web content to get people to call and then forwarding every caller to the same national assisted living chains, regardless of that individual’s situation. They had slick websites where they would portray themselves as experts in senior care but their call centers were staffed with “advisors” who oftentimes had never set foot in the actual senior communities and had no first-hand knowledge about the wide range of excellent senior care available in the Twin Cities.

I simply could not do business that way. While my competitors were busy writing hollow articles about “7 things you didn’t know about assisted living” and collecting web leads, I poured my efforts into building partnerships with local care centers, physician offices, and senior communities. While my competitors refused to work with low­ income families because facilities do not pay referral fees for clients on medical assistance, I took on pro-bono cases so I could prove myself to social workers, and I worked my tail off for each one of those cases. And when I wasn’t working with families, I would drive all over town visiting assisted living facilities and residential care homes so I could learn the ins and outs of all the senior living options around the Twin Cities.

It was not a good way to make money but it was a great way to build a reputation. Social workers and nurses are a tough nut to crack, but one by one I gained the trust of several who started sending me clients because they knew I would take good care of them and fiercely advocate for them. Word spread and my phone started to ring more and more.

In 2013, I hired my first employee. She turned out to be a super star — the most caring, hardworking individual I could have hoped for. She paved the way for more, and today we are a team of 8, with room to grow even more!

As small as our team still is, we have a lot to be proud of: many assisted living facilities and residential care homes choose to work exclusively with us, and we have close partnerships with such big names as The VA, Allina Health, Park Nicollet, and the Mayo Clinic, to name just a few. We’ve even won the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Award For Ethics!

As much as we’ve grown, we remain committed to the values that made our company the success it is today. We are the only senior care & housing specialists in the Twin Cities that get almost all their clients from social workers, nurses and physicians, and they always say that it is because of our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients that we get those phone calls. Our most valuable business asset is our reputation so we never cut corners or put our profits above the interests of our clients.


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