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We pour our hearts into each and every case as if it were our own so families all around the Twin Cities can sleep at night knowing their loved ones are safe. Here are some of our customers’ unsolicited stories.

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Google Review

June 1, 2018

We would have never been able to navigate this tough situation without Becca from Twin Cities Care. She is not only kind and compassionate, but she is very knowledgeable about all things related to elder care. We tried to do it on our own before we were referred to Twin Cities Care, we failed miserably. Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for our family Becca! You have made a difficult situation less stressful. I would highly recommend this service to everyone!
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Nikki H.

Google Review

May 31, 2018

Just want to say thank you to Twin Cities Care and especially Becca Myslivecek. Becca came into our lives when we needed her most and she was wonderful, a true blessing for my wife and I who were trying to figure out how to get my folks into assisted living and where to put them. Becca took care of all of that. Once again Becca, Thank You.
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Mike and Peggy L.


April 14, 2018

Hello, I am writing to thank you and your wonderful Senior Advisor, Jan Lehman.
Jan is by far one of the the hardest working, caring, and understanding people I have worked with in our family’s journey for our Mother from assisted living to memory care. From the very beginning Jan developed trust with us by sharing her vast amount of personal experience.
She was an incredible listener when we needed someone to hear our concerns and unique needs. When it seemed that all was getting too difficult to handle alone, Jan’s reassurance and expertise brought us peace of mind. We could still be out there fumbling around to find “just the right place” for our Mom if it were not for Jan guiding our ship.
We now have found a great place for our Mom and Jan was the one who made it all happen. She has made our whole family feel special and we are greatly in her debt. To everyone at Twin Cities Care, and especially to Jan, our entire family says, “thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.

Barbara T.


April 14, 2018

As Social Workers on a Transitional Care Unit we often run into situations where it is deemed unsafe for our patient’s to return home. Imagine what it would feel like to be a patient and your care team is now telling you and your family that it is now seen to be unsafe for you to return. Their recommendations are to look into a different environment for you to live. This is how Twin Cities Care gets involved.
Often times for patients and their families it can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Many times they have no idea where to start. Twin Cities Care provides reassurance to Social Workers, families and most importantly patients that they will be able to find a new living environment that will better meet the needs of the person. Twin Cities Care has a thorough knowledge base of numerous senior communities in the Twin Cities area and does a great job educating patients and families about what their options can be. This company does a fantastic job at advocating for the patients and making sure that they are placed in an environment that is best for the patient whether or not the facility is contracted.
Another wonderful thing about Twin Cities Care is how frequently they are willing to do pro bono work. They are always willing to work with families on limited budgets who are struggling to find placement. It is never a question when making a referral to them whether or not they would be willing to help! Their main concern is that the patient is able to find a safe new environment that meets the needs of the individual and they can be comfortable in and feels like home.
Being a Social Worker on a Transitional Care Unit, things move at a very fast pace with patient discharges. If a referral is made to Twin Cities Care for assistance with patient placement we know that things will be well taken care of. Once a referral is made, Twin Cities Care often reaches out to the patient or patient’s family that day. This brings a lot of reassurance to the patient and families that they have a point of contact to help them through this stressful process. Twin Cities Care will meet with the patient and their families to discuss level of care, location, finances, etc. Twin Cities Care will set up tours and even provide transportation for patients and families to get to the tours! This is extremely helpful when patients do not have family or friends to take them. This takes away so much stress and anxiety for patients. Not only does Twin Cities Care provide education on placement options, but also shares information on Medical Assistance or other waiver programs if finances seem to be limited.
Over all, we as Social Workers love to work with Twin Cities Care! Their representatives are always extremely helpful, well informed and friendly. They are a definite go to resource for us. We know that our patients are in good hands when we make referrals to them.
All of our patients and families are very happy with their service and have stated that they felt that Twin Cities Care made their stressful situation much less daunting. We have never had a bad review when it comes to this wonderful company!

Social Workers Allie P. and Briana F.

NextDoor Review

December 30, 2017

We worked with Jan Lehman at Twin Cities Care. HIGHLY recommend that you contact them. She was so sweet, caring, and knowledgeable and knows all the options and will lead you safely through the quagmire. She helped get my dad into the villa when he needed a place that would take va benefits and helped us find [facility name redacted]. You do not pay for her services. Great person to lean on because you WILL need help through this.
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Vicki J.

Google Review

October 1, 2017

Boy, did I luck out in finding this company! My folks needed to move from assisted living in New Hope to a senior center that was more focused on memory care (preferably close to where my wife and I live in St. Paul), and Jonathan went through all the options, helped select the one that worked best for our family, and then walked us through all the paperwork and red tape.
I don’t know what we would have done without Jonathan, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to make decisions about senior care without him. He had an incredible array of resources, too, and when I said that I wasn’t looking forward to the actual move, he found us a service that specializes in helping seniors with the move.
My parents lives are now so much better, and our quality of life has improved, too, not just from having our folks in memory care, but also, by having them near us. Thank you!!!
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Reverend Tomkin Coleman


September 21, 2017

Mom moved in yesterday and all went well. During lunch, she said the food was WARM and the milk was COLD meaning by the time she ate at her old place, the food was always cold and the milk was warm. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

Amy G.

Facebook Review

May 16, 2017

Jonathan was a refreshing reference – wow! His knowledge of the Twin Cities areas and types of care options was incredible. Our search for just the right place was made so easy – and he truly cares. Anyone needing support to what can be a very emotional and laborious decision needs to tap into Jonathan.
July 2018 update: Had to use this team again and so grateful for their experience and knowledge. Found just the perfect place for my other parent now. Thank you Jonathan!
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Debbie B.

Facebook Review

May 3, 2017

Jonathan is really great at what he does. He took a lot of my stress away from what could have been a very difficult process on my own. I am so grateful he was recommended to me. Jonathan, thank you so much. I think I’ll move my whole family into [facility name redacted]!
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Christina K. S.


February 2, 2017

My experience working with you to find Dad’s next home was exceptional. Your ability to meet with him and to explore his likes and dislikes and then to accompany us as we looked for a new care setting was most rewarding.
Your enthusiasm, knowledge of the market, transparency and genuine concern for finding the right setting for [name redacted] was always apparent. This is essential to the quality your company brings to what is most often, a stressful experience.

Barbara C.


January 12, 2017

I refer many of my clients to Twin Cities Care and work with their staff on a regular basis in my role as a social worker with [clinic name redacted].
The team at Twin Cities Care have a thorough and extensive knowledge of the senior communities in the Twin Cities area and provide a “client friendly” way of explaining the cost, nuances, culture and processes for transitioning to a senior community to my clients and their families.
One way Twin Cities Care sets themselves apart from other agencies working with seniors is their commitment to also provide service to low income seniors and their knowledge of how to navigate through county programs for those near or at the poverty level income. When I partner with Twin Cities Care I trust that they will provide accurate information about complex government systems.
I have asked for help from Twin Cities Care for my seniors that have no family or others in their life to assist with transitioning to a higher level of care and Jonathon and his team have went the extra mile to assist these seniors. They also make adaptations for my clients with low vision, difficulty hearing and have provided transportation for touring senior communities.
I believe the positive outcomes I see when I make referrals to Twin Cities Care and the positive feedback I receive from my clients whom I have sent to them demonstrates the commitment to the high ethical standard and integrity of Twin Cities Care.

Social Worker Judy R. (LSW, CCM)

Yelp Review

October 16, 2016

Jonathan at Twin Cities Care is a caring professional who did the seemingly impossible in finding just the right place for our mother in an extremely short time that was available.
I don’t think this could have been accomplished without Jonathan. Our family will be always grateful to him for helping us in a time of need.
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R. S.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Review

October 16, 2016

Jonathan is a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring person who found an ideal place for our mother on very short notice. Because I’m in California, I only dealt with him by email and phone but I continually asked myself — is this fellow real? What a wonderful effort he made to meet a deadline with a perfect solution! Thanks, Jonathan!
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Yelp Review

August 5, 2016

I had the great fortune to work with Laura of Twin Cities Care in finding a suitable assisted living facility for my parents. She was completely knowledgable regarding the options available to us and treated my parents with the ultimate respect and kindness.
Navigating the waters in this field is complicated and confusing and Laura was the calming presence in the middle of it all. I could always count on her to return a phone call, respond to an email, and have THE answer. She offered to accompany our family on many informational visits to facilities and seemed known and respected wherever we went.
Laura is the ultimate professional and if you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll be completely satisfied!
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Julie A.


August 1, 2016

I wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate your organization! We had a tough summer, and needed to find assisted living placement for a family member. Jan assisted us, and was incredible! She went well above our expectations by not only providing valuable information on specific facilities to look at, but information on how the process works, and what financial resources were available to us as well.
With Jan’s help, we had, as a family, selected a lovely room at [facility name redacted] in Cannon Falls. We certainly give Jan credit for our decision on placement.
Thank you for the wonderful services you provide!

Missy K.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Review

July 18, 2016

My uncle, family and I are so grateful to Laura at Twin Cities Care. She was an excellent resource for us when we were exploring assisted living options for our uncle. She knows the different facilities in the area very well and advised us on those that would be the best fit, set up appointments for visits to them and even accompanied us on those visits.
Laura was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. It was invaluable to have her guide us through this process which can be quite complicated. Many thanks to Laura and Twin Cities Care!
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M. C.

Google Review

June 24, 2016

I cannot explain how incredibly grateful I am for Jonathan and his crew. My brother was suddenly stricken with a disability that has become permanent. He could no longer live at his residence of 26 years. I live in another state and had not lived in the Twin Cities for 28 years. I knew finding the right resources for my brother would have been difficult at best if I attempted to find the right housing on my own.
Twin Cities Care became involved and found wonderful transitional care suited to his needs that seamlessly can address a higher level of care if he ever needs it. I am especially moved by the respectful communication Jonathan conducted with my brother. His wants were taken into consideration and he was empowered to assist in decision making.
I highly recommend Twin Cities Care for their knowledge of resources, insight with meeting needs, respectful and empowering communication, and willingness to share additional resources to meet the needs of seniors and those with disabilities.
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April 22, 2016

Laura Kruse Mazzocco is awesome!! I wish I had enough time to tell you all Laura has done but suffice it to say, she did a fantastic job and went above and way beyond to answer our questions and get us the services we need. She should get employee of the century. Thanks for making the process a bit easier on us!

Theresa R, Executive Director, Center for the Common Good


April 16, 2016

I just wanted to thank you so much for leading us to [facility name redacted]. You were a God send at a time when we were floundering on what to do for my Dad [patient name redacted]. The setting was so beautiful and the staff were wonderful with a very tough situation.
The way you handled our family with dignity and caring, during a very busy time for you, will always be appreciated. Keep up the good work, because there are many people that will benefit from your services.

Pat, Barb, Deb and Phyllis A.


March 3, 2016

I thoroughly enjoy working with Jonathan. In the short time I have known him I’ve had 4 move-ins! He not only brings qualified prospects, he is very engaged with the families and wants to make sure the fit is best for them and their loved ones.
Moving into senior housing is a stressful event and Jonathan alleviates some of that stress for families. I would trust him with my own parents… and I am really picky!

Kim P, Marketing Director for an Assisted Living Facility

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Review

February 28, 2016

Recently my brother incurred a sudden and permanent disability. Service providers determined he could no longer live at his residence. I am his closest relative and live in another state. I am ever so grateful for the professional and effective service provided to us by Twin Cities Care.
Jonathan and his crew listened attentively to what living situation might work best for my brother and included him every step of the way in decision making. They found a very flexible housing arrangement that fit his immediate needs and that can provide transition to a higher level of care if needed.
Twin Cities Care staff are highly knowledgeable regarding resources and at communicating with all parties involved, including the medical staff and family members. I feel that trust was earned and my brother and I would refer any disabled adult with housing needs to Twin Cities Care. I cannot thank them enough.
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Christine Y.


September 10, 2015

Thanks so much for all of your help. I spoke to both of my sisters, sent them pictures and told them all about you and the wonderful people at [facility name redacted]. They are excited and totally on board. My sister in FL (the one having the hardest time with this) is incredibly happy and said she feels such a sense of peace about this that she just did not expect to feel.
We are all very happy and appreciated of your help in all of this. Your service was invaluable to me and my family and I am so glad I found you when I did. It was meant to be!

Anna B.

Google Review

August 28, 2015

I usually don’t give reviews, but Twin Cities Care really helped me a lot. My brother needed to find an affordale assisted living arrangement that met his care needs. Twin Cities Care helped us find a place that did.
Laura was helpful, kind, took time to understand our situation and provided the assistance we needed to get to where we needed to be. She also provided references to people that could help us with other financial, disability, and legal issues that we needed to take care of. I highly recommend their service.
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Bob J.