Case Examples

(*) Names changed to protect clients’ privacy.

Joan, 83

Summary Joan is a 83 year old woman, currently living alone in a condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Joan’s adult daughters are alarmed at their mother’s apparent cognitive decline and lack of self-care observed during their visits to Florida, and want to relocate her to a Memory Care center in the Twin Cities in order … Continue reading Joan, 83

Betty, 91

Summary Betty is a 91 year old woman, currently living in an assisted living facility in Eagan. Her children have been increasingly concerned that the facility is not equipped to take on their mother’s ever higher care needs. After the latest distressing episode, they have called county social worker, who referred them to Twin Cities … Continue reading Betty, 91

Ray, 83, Barbara, 79

Summary Ray and Barbara are a couple, currently living in their house in Wisconsin, just outside of Madison.  Their daughter Amy lives in Edina, and is looking to relocate her parents so she can keep a close eye on their care. Amy has called an assisted living facility near her to arrange a tour, however, … Continue reading Ray, 83, Barbara, 79

William, 79

Summary William is a 81 year old man, currently living in an independent senior apartment in St. Lois Park. His children, Dan and Lauren, have been increasingly overwhelmed by the level of care he needs. Witnessing their father’s increasing confusion at simple household tasks, they have consulted his physician, who referred them to Twin Cities … Continue reading William, 79