Joan, 83

Joan is a 83 year old woman, currently living alone in a condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Joan’s adult daughters are alarmed at their mother’s apparent cognitive decline and lack of self-care observed during their visits to Florida, and want to relocate her to a Memory Care center in the Twin Cities in order to keep a closer eye on her. One of the daughters discussed the situation with a friend, who referred her to Twin Cities Care.

Medical Assessment
Joan is in good physical health but is no longer capable of maintaining an independent household. The daughter’s have observed dramatic changes in their mother’s behavior including forgetting to eat, shower or keep a clean house. The daughters have identified Joan’s safety as their main concern. They are also worried that Joan has always been very outgoing but has become a recluse as of late.

Personal Assessment
The most important goal is for the family to ensure that their mother is in a secure memory care environment with access to regular meals and other daily living assistance. Social opportunities are a priority as well because that’s what brings Joan joy. The daughters want be close to their mother and their preference is for the St. Paul/east metro area.

Financial Assessment
Joan has a monthly Social Security income of $2,250. Luckily, she has long term care insurance that covers up to $300 per day for long term care.

After assessing Joan’s medical and personal needs, Twin Cities Care made a recommendation for 3 Memory Care facilities. #1, #2, #3. Because William’s personal finances were enough to cover 2 years of care, all 3 recommendations had to allow for Elderly waiver after 2 years. After weighing all the pro’s and con’s, the family decided on #1.