Betty, 91

Betty is a 91 year old woman, currently living in an assisted living facility in Eagan. Her children have been increasingly concerned that the facility is not equipped to take on their mother’s ever higher care needs. After the latest distressing episode, they have called county social worker, who referred them to Twin Cities Care.

Medical Assessment
Betty’s mobility is highly impaired because of .

Personal Assessment
Betty’s doctor recommended a nursing home but the family is hoping to keep her out of a hospital-like environment.

Financial Assessment
William owns his condo, valued at $250k, and has a monthly Social Security income of $2,400. He has no long term care insurance or VA benefits, and the family is unable to contribute to William’s care.

After assessing Betty’s medical needs, Twin Cities Care made a recommendation for a Residential Care Home and against a Nursing Home. The family was initially concerned that this goes against Betty’s doctor’s recommendation for a Nursing Home but after touring a RCH and a Care Suites facility they could see that these facilities could provide the same level of care but in a much less institutional environment.