Did you know that the Twin Cities metro area counts some 300+ Assisted Living Facilities, 150+ Residential Care Homes, and 125+ Nursing Homes? That the best homes are often unlisted or wait-listed? That monthly out-of-pocket costs can range from $3,000 to $12,000 for one person?

Truth is, if you are looking for a senior home, you need an industry insider to help you make the right decision. An experienced guide to help you bridge your family's needs and budget. Someone independent, not affiliated with any single provider network. Someone who has personally visited hundreds of local facilities.

This is exactly what we at Twin Cities Care do. When you call us, you get connected directly to an experienced eldercare advisor who will make sure your find the best possible care at the best possible price. Our services are 100% local, 100% independent and 100% free for seniors and their families.

Here is what happens when you call us.

You will speak directly to Jonathan, Laura, or Jan, our resident elder care experts with extensive first-hand knowledge of hundreds of senior living options around the Twin Cities metro area. They are available 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends, and they will personally assist you every step of the way.

Tell us your situation.

Our time-tested checklist of questions – from your parent's health to their personal interests to your geographical preferences – will allow us to best match your needs to available options.

Review your options.

Because we are local and independent, we will suggest the best local facilities based on your needs and preferences, not corporate affiliations or marketing budgets, and we will educate you on the lesser-known options, such as privately-owned residential care homes, etc.

See the facilities. Meet the staff.

We will pick you up and personally drive you to the facilities of your choice (or meet you there if you prefer). We will work around your schedule to arrange the tours during evening/weekend hours, if necessary. You will meet the staff and get a detailed breakdown of all the costs.

Make your decision.

We know what questions to ask and our know-how of local options is unmatched. By allowing us to advocate on your behalf, you will ensure that you make the right decision for your unique situation, including your parent's well-being and their budget.